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Salt firing Moon jar VASE

Salt firing Moon jar VASE

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Vase in the shape of the moon inspired by the Korean moon jar. Sludge in light blue with aurora colored shooshes. Each side shows a different mixing of colors by the salt. Light orange structure, characteristic of the firing method, with horizontal ribbing, a characteristic of Charlotte's handiwork.

This vase is from my first salt firing and is unique, there is no second copy.

This item is fired in a gas kiln to which salt has been added during the firing. This is a traditional way of firing in which the salt causes a chemical reaction in the clay. This creates the glaze on the pot without it being applied. The firing trajectory also includes a period of reduction, which results in certain colors. Because the salt spreads unevenly throughout the oven, each side of the item is different. The sides that have an 'orange peel' on the surface have been hit a lot by the salt. The unpredictable nature of this process is what makes it so intriguing. Every firing is exciting!

This special process makes salt-fired items much more precious than electric-fired items. I have my work fired in Veghel.

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