• Charlotte Visser •

Objects of art for every day in clay. Stoneware and porcelain. Fired in electric kilns, gas kilns, wood kilns and salt kilns. Every design is unique and artisan made. An adventure in clay, glazes from scratch. Everywhere I leave my fingerprint, the shape tells its story.


Stoneware and porcelain fired in the saltkiln are my favorites in ceramics. Every detail and mark that I made in the process of making the pot gets highlighted by the salt which emphasizes them. The way I throw pots makes up for the character of the piece on which all the marks and details form a decoration. The colours on the pot always differ due to the special glazes I use like celadon, shino and ash glaze, they transform in appearance when fired in a reduction atmosphere. The glazes and slips I put on quick and with swung to keep the pot lively.

Salt firing ceramics

Firing with salt can be done with gas or wood, as long as there are flames. At a high temperature (stoneware ceramics) from 1260° Celsius and above, salt turns into gas and moves on the flames through the oven. It hits the pots and creates an irregular and unpredictable glaze through a chemical reaction with the silicon in the clay. Salt draws a glaze from the clay and glazes the skin. A thin and very strong glaze, from subtly matte to thick and with an orange structure. Every detail is highlighted and colors change.
  • Making dreams from mud

    When de pieces I have made give you a special feeling in everyday life, I have accomplished my goal.


    My work is for people who take a moment to realize how extraordinary everyday life is. In objects, tableware and installations. You can experience art by feeling and hold it in your hand.


    Every piece is made by me in my workshop at home in The Hague. Fair made by my hands!

    Salt and reduction firings take place at other workshops.


    Through the chemistry and experimenting I find depth in this ancient craft. All I want to do is make pots. I’m a student at the Nederlandse Keramiek Opleiding (pottery school).

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