• When will the shop be updated? The shop will be updated when I have new work that is ready to be sold. It also depends on how much time I have next to teaching pottery classes, workshops and following the pottery study at the Nederlandse Keramiek Opleiding in Gouda. At home I have an electric kiln and am able to fire high temperature glazes and stoneware as well as porcelain. Next to electric firing I fire my work at other workshops, for example in the salt kiln in Veghel.

  • What is salt fired pottery? Salt fired pottery is fired in an atmospheric environment like a gas kiln where reduction can take place. Salt is added to the kiln and during the firing the salt takes on gas form at high temperature. The salt gasses hit the surface of the pots and produce a chemical reaction with the clay body, in some places more in some places less. Through the chemical reaction a glaze is created on the surface of the pots without a glaze being added to the pot before the firing. The pots get fired at a high temperature which transforms the clay into stoneware. Salt fired pots are very strong and food safe. A special kiln and ventilation system is needed in order to fire with salt. The salt is an aggressive chemical and erodes the inside of the kiln. Therefor the salt kiln is only usable for a limited amount of firings. It’s a special and costly way of firing.

  • Can I order the same cup? De items I make are unique and one of a kind. Because all the work is made by me by hand there will always be differences between the items. This is the character and charm of my artisan pottery and makes it lively. At this moment the work I make is with a vision and certain firing in mind. This means the items are limited. When an item is listed as “sold” in the shop there is not a second one but there might be similar work in the future. To stay updated you can subscribe to the newsletter. For now I don’t make work that doesn’t fit my style and only take on orders that I like and are interesting to me.

  • Where a CHY pots for sale? For now CHY pots are exclusively for sale in my online shop. Please contact me through the contact from or via email for CHY in exposition or for special orders for occasions and events.

  • Where are CHY pots made? I make all my pots from my home in Den Haag.

  • Can I order CHY pots from outside The Netherlands? If you want to order from outside The Netherlands please contact me through the contact form or sent me an email. We can look at the possibilities for the transport. Keep in mind that transport costs may be higher when ordering from abroad and there might be additional taxes that you need to pay.

  • Are CHY pots food safe? CHY pots are food safe unless otherwise stated in the description of the item. The items that can be used in combination with food will be exclusively made from the proper materials and will be fired in the right manner.

  • Are CHY pots dishwasher safe? Most items are dishwasher safe but I strongly advise to only clean the pots by hand. The chemicals in the dishwasher soap are very aggressive and the cycle can be harsh.

  • Can CHY pots discolor or stain? No, the colors are fused to the pot and sealed behind a thin layer of glass. The clay body is fired to high temperatures which chemically changes the clay into stone. This is called sintering/ to vitrify. Now the clay is unable to let through liquid. The unglazed parts can discolor over time when it is in contact with coloring food types for a long time. The parts with craquelé as well. To prevent this it is important to keep the time that the pot is in contact with coloring food types as short as possible.

  • There is craquelé on the pot, how can this be? Because of tension between the glaze and the clay body there might be craquelé on the pot. This is not dangerous when the pot is fired to

    high temperatures and the clay body is sintered. Especially the work that is salt fired is very strong. This glaze is formed from the clay itself and is part of the surface without it being a

    separate layer, which makes it extra strong.

  • Can the items be used in the oven or microwave? No, the items can not be used in the oven or microwave. In order to use ceramics in the oven or microwave they must be made with the appropriate material and process. If you use the pots in the oven or microwave the item might come out seemingly undamaged but there might be damage in the surface of the pot which will shorten the life of the pot. When damaged it might not be food safe anymore.