About CHY

Clay. I place down my pot and nothing needs to be said. My pot tells the story.

Charlotte during wood burning with ceramic salt


I find beauty in the imperfect. The clay shows what I did with my hands and the shape of the pot tells the story. My hands get more and more used to shape the clay but always keep searching to

reveal a new form. Form comes to fruition by applying technique. I get to be the first to see and feel the shape. Every time I work with clay I feel as excited as like the first time. It fulfills my need to create.



The design turns to stone and remains so maybe forever.


  • 2021: start at Nederlandse Keramiek Opleiding in Gouda 
  • 2021: teaching throwing and handbuilding classes at Hoeboer Keramiek in The Hague
  • 2020: first experience with throwing clay at the potterswheel

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